Welcome to our Referral Rewards Program! Thank you for placing your trust in us. As your business communications provider, we are committed to providing you with a dependable connection to your clients, customers and vendors.


Our Referral Rewards Program is a great opportunity to earn money that you can invest right back into what matters most to you – the success of your company.  Thanks for spreading the word about our services. Simply, fill out the form below and we will take care of the rest! When your referral is installed with service, we will send you a $100 gift card.


We look forward to contacting your referrals.


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Referrals must be submitted on website to qualify for Referral Rewards Program.  Referred business or account may not be owned or operated by the current customer.  Referring customer may not be decision maker for referred business. Referred business may not have their monthly bill paid by the same party/company as the current customer.  Referred business must be a new customer that has not had service with TWCBC in the past 6 months.  Referred service contract must include Internet, Business Class Phone or Cable TV service to receive reward. Program does not include Teleworker or ancillary services. Referring customer will receive the $100 gift card reward if the referred business becomes a Time Warner Cable Business Class installed customer.  Reward will be paid after the referred customer installation has occurred.  Reward type will be at the discretion of Time Warner Cable.  Time Warner Cable reserves the right to refuse payment, at their discretion, to any party that abuses this program.  Referring business must be a Time Warner Cable Business Class customer without a delinquent account at the time of the referral and payout in order to receive the referral reward.